I was born in Caracas (Venezuela) and grew up in a small beach town called Chuspa, which allowed me to connect with the beauty of nature from a young age. Since I was a little child I saw my surroundings in a different way in terms of form, colour and fragments, and therefore started sketching to capture my imagination and visual transformation of nature, animals and humans. Following my passion I studied Illustration at the IDC university (“Instituto de Diseño de Caracas”) as well as Graphic design at the IUTIRLA to professionalise the way I capture my vision in 3D fragment & vector formats. Life unfortunately does not always go as planned or imagined and therefore I had to take on different types of work on the side to support my family. In 2018 I decided to leave Venezuela and start fresh in Sitges, a small beach town near Barcelona. In 2019 I met my partner, who lives in Munich, and now I split my time between these two beautiful places. Even at times when I was unable to dedicate all my energy on my art, I have always followed my passion and was able to express my creativity through diverse channels like being a sous-chef and custome design for events.

As an artist I connect my past life experience with my vision of the future to create something which represents the now, i.e. incorporating the existing but aiming for a long lasting impact.