This type of artwork is the most time consuming because it comprises of many individual fragments (often several thousand pieces). Therefore these artworks are often pre-ordered and provide a unique 3D effect which will stand out even in large rooms. In case you like one of the artworks below (even if it is sold already) or you can’t find one below but you like the type of artwork and want to request a personalized one, please just contact me here: Order & Contact Form

Please note: All prices excl. taxes

AGUA MARINA_Vectorized fragments_30x30x4cm

SOLD CACATUA_Vectorized fragments_60x120x4cm

SOLD QUIEN ERES_Vectorized fragments_120x100x6cm

SOLD WHITE TIGER_Vectorized fragments_50x50x7cm

SOLD Look At Me_Vectorized fragments_80x60x6cm

SOLD El Canto_Vectorized fragments_Trilogy each 20x20x4cm

SOLD VOLAR-2_Vectorized fragments_50x50x6cm

SOLD VOLAR-1_Vectorized fragments_60x60x7cm